20% discount on ONLINE wine shopping

The interesting life story of a wine mercant, László Zupán.

I have been a bartender for a long time, and when I became a bar manager I realised that I know very little about wines compared to spirits, or cocktails. Therefore, I had to extend my knowledge. That was in 2012, I am still learning…

We have the biggest selection of Hungarian wines and spirits in the U.K. Our costumers are able to order any amount of wine through our online shop, which delivers U.K. wide. If we don t have a wine or spirit, you can just send us a message and we can source it for you. We have case offers and regular wine tastings.

Traditionally for Christmas people usually buy Tokaj aszú. But we have different sweet wines as well, which seem to be very popular at this time, like plum wine, wall nut wine or almond wine. 

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