Csiki beer

This year,  on the beer menu, is going to be the well known Csíki beer! We are going to offer a selection of three unique beers from the Csíki brand. 


Little bit about Csíki beer history

“The first written mention of the brewery in Ciuc comes from 1548, found in the work of Antonio Possevino della Compagnia di Gesù, Jesuit monk, Transilvania, published in 1584. The old traditions come to life again in 2014, when Sapientia Transylvanian Hungarian University of Csíkszentimon and a local brewing master start to cook the real Csík Sör based on the old recipes. In keeping with the Bavarian purity recipe, Csíki Beer without modern chemical ingredients is a worthy follower of tradition.”            source:  https://csikisor.hu/tiltott-csiki-sorparlat/

Forbidden beer of Csiki

“Beer made from clean water and high quality raw materials at the foot of the Harghita Mountains, produced by an expert and a team dedicated to the tradition of brewing in Ciuc.This is how the Forbidden Beer Beer, a high 6% (V / V) alcoholic, Bock type lager beer is born, which refreshes, nourishes and cheers.”         source: https://csikisor.hu/tiltott-csiki-sorparlat/

Unfiltered Forbidden Csiki beer

“Unfiltered Forbidden Beer Beer contains yeast cells, increasing the nutritional value of our beer, the content of vitamin B, which is beneficial to the human body and reduces the effect of hangover. Yeast cells are characterized by their mes mes flavor, unique aroma and deep yellow opal color.”

Csiki dark beer

On 7th, April you should definitely taste a 7% alcoholic, character-flavored, handmade brown beer.


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