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Phone: 07462946444

We are very delighted that Betűbirodalom accepted our invitation to the Hungarian Market Fest.
We believe, books play such an important role in our cultural heritage that we must spend more time reading them.

All visitors of the Hungarian Market Fest can be entitled to get a 10% voucher at the stall of Betu Birodalom.
This voucher can be used when you order on website.
Range of books are available on 10-40% discount at the venue of the Festival.

Phone: 07462946444

What you need to know about Betűbirodalom. Please welcome Andrea Schilt-Tóth introduction.

She is a mother of two. After having her children, she faced a big challenge to source books for her growing up family.
Andrea was not scared to launch a website to solve her and the community’s problem.
Her approach is to offer books which are already on stock, therefore there is limited waiting time to get them.
Have a look at and we hope, you will find something interesting.

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